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Team Trail Fishing Series

Site Under Construction

The Dates:

March 19th
April 16th
May 28th
June 18th
July 16th
August 20th

Championship: October 1st & 2nd

For more information, call (870)405-0588


March 19, 2022 Results

3rd Place with a 9.90 pound bag: Brad Handley & Frank Fronsen
2nd Place with 12.30 lbs: Austin & Darrell McCracken
1st Place with 14.75: Mike Rose & Justin Pruitt
Big Bass also went to Mike Rose & Justin Pruitt with a weight of 4.85 pounds!

April 16, 2022 Results

3rd Place with a 15.7 pound bag: Frank Fronsen & Lance Gaertner
2nd Place with 15.85 lbs: Jeff & Carter Fletcher
1st Place with 18.85: Mike Rose & Justin Pruitt
Big Bass also went to Mike Rose & Justin Pruitt with a weight of 6.1 pounds!

May 28, 2022 Results

3rd Place with a 11.55 pound bag: Cole Anderson & Jarrett Graville
2nd Place with 11.55 lbs: Mike Ingram & Alpha Taylor *tie breaker was biggest fish
1st Place with 12.3 lbs: Mike Rose & Justin Pruitt
Big Bass went to Mike Ingram & Alpha Taylor with a weight of 4.2 pounds!

June 18, 2022 Results

3rd Place with a 9.6 pound bag: Joe Richter & Rick Cagle
2nd Place with 9.7 lbs: Mike Rose & Justin Pruitt
1st Place with 12.45 lbs: Michael Branham & Wes Branham
Big Bass also went to Michael Branham & Wes Branham with a weight of 3.1 pounds!

July 16, 2022 Results

3rd Place with a 11.9 pound bag: Mike Ingram & Alpha Taylor
2nd Place with 14.3 lbs: Michael Branham & Wes Branham
1st Place with 15.9 lbs: Jeff & Carter Fletcher
Big Bass also went to Jeff & Carter Fletcher with a weight of 3.6 pounds!
August 20, 2022
3rd Place with a 10.25 pound bag: Mike Ingram & Alpha Taylor
2nd Place with 11.05 lbs: Wayne Youngblood & Dirk Petter
1st Place with 12.3 lbs: Jeff & Carter Fletcher
Big Bass also went to Jeff & Carter Fletcher with a weight of 3.2 pounds!
Point Standings as of 7/16/22
1st – 69.65 lbs: Mike Rose, Justin Pruitt
2nd – 57.25 lbs: Austin McCracken, Darrell McCracken
3rd – 53.35 lbs: Jeff Fletcher, Carter Fletcher
4th – 38.8 lbs: Mike Ingram, Alpha Taylor
5th – 36.6 lbs: Michael Branham, Wes Branham
6th – 34.55 lbs: Brad Handley, Mike Fransen
7th – 29.3 lbs: Wayne Youngblood, Dirk Petter
8th – 26.6 lbs: Matthew St. Clair, Todd St. Clair
9th – 22.95 lbs: Ben Elvins, Dustin Bass
10th – 17 lbs: Greg Swofford, Jeff Usrey
11th – 15.55 lbs: Cody Harp, Kevin Crawford
12th – 15 lbs: Joe Richter, Rick Cagle
13th – 12.45 lbs: Robbie Porter, Tony Porter
14th – 11.55 lbs: Cole Anderson, Jarrett Graville
15th – 11.4 lbs: Brian Robbin, Shawn Garrison
16th – 11.25 lbs: Ed Burris, Mike Worl
17th – 10.55 lbs: Tony Green, David Royal
18th – 10.45 lbs: Michael Kennelly, Michael Peters
19th – 9.7 lbs: Isaiah McMillan, John Holt
20th – 9.55 lbs: Jeff Allen, Jeff McCulloogll
21st – 9.05 lbs: Troy Lowery, Richard Lowery
22nd – 8.45 lbs: Chris Evans, Jeff Evans
23rd – 7.2 lbs: Al Bennett, AJ Bennett
24th – 4.6 lbs: Hunter Wallace, Devon Anderson
25th – 2.25 lbs: Brad Gilly, Don Crawford
26th – 0 lbs: Ronnie Bell, Richard Corsey
26th – 0 lbs: Anddie Vickers, Bill Gillum
26th – 0 lbs: Brandon Estepp, Jimmy Morris
26th – 0 lbs: Robert Duncan
26th – 0 lbs: Terry Hutchinson, Jason Coley
26th – 0 lbs: Shane Nichols, Tommy Garnett

Team Trail Rules:

  1. Each boat can have 2 anglers. The designated team. Team members under 18 years of age must be with an adult and must sign a waiver.
  2. Teams consist of 2 anglers. The team that registers as such are the only ones that can fish in the championship. If one team member can not attend the championship, the other team mate must fish the championship alone.
  3. Single member teams are allowed. However, they must fish the championship alone.
  4. Entry fees are $60.00 per team, per tournament. Single member teams must pay the entire entry fee.
  5. All team members must become members of the HI Marina Team Trail prior to entering a tournament. $25.00 membership dues per member.
  6. Take off is at 7:00 am. All boats must take off and weigh in at the Holiday Island marina. All boats shall have their live wells checked by an official prior to take off.
  7. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Violations of these rules will not be tolerated. Either may result in disqualification and teams will not be allowed to continue in the trail series.
  8. All boats must have a combustible engine, and must have a kill switch.
  9. Artificial lures only. No live bait or prepared bait allowed. The only exception is the pork rind trailers.
  10. Pre-fishing is allowed until 5:00 pm the day prior to the tournament.
  11. All state laws and licensing regulations must be adhered to at all times.
  12. Small Mouth, Large Mouth, and Kentucky (spotted Bass) are allowed. They must measure at least 15 inches. Short fish will not be weighed and, if brought to the scales, will result in the loss of the team’s biggest fish.
  13. No dead fish will be weighed.
  14. 5 Bass limit (bag) per team. No more than 6 fish in the live well at any time.
  15. The tournament directors shall have the discretion to cancel or postpone any tournament due to adverse weather. It is the responsibility of the anglers to find out if canceled or postponed.
  16. In the event of a tie, biggest fish will break tie. If no bigger fish available, the cash prize for the tied position plus the next position shall be added together and split equally among the tied teams.
  17. No Alcohol or illegal drugs permitted! If caught, teams will be disqualified and removed from the trail.
  18. No fishing allowed within 100 feet of a competitor boat, unless permission is granted from the boat that was on the spot first.
  19. Protests are allowed within 15 minutes of the final weigh-in. Tournament directors will make the final decision. All decisions are final.
  20. Any team disqualified for any reason will not get a refund of entry fees and/or membership fees.
  21. Competitors may exit the boat during the tournaments to relieve themselves, retrieve a tangled fish or line, or to obtain fuel from marinas. If a team breaks down, one member of the team can get a ride to the weigh in with another boat.
  22. Personal floatation devices must be worn if the engine is running and on plane. Failure to adhere to this will result in disqualification. Kill switch must be attached to the driver when on plane.
  23. Weigh in bags will not be provided. Fish brought to the scales for weigh in must be in a weigh bag and in water. The fish will be transferred to the scale’s weigh bag. All fish must be released back into the lake by the team that brought them to the scale.
  24. All boats must be inside the marina buoy by 3:00 pm. Any boat late will lose 1 pound per minute for 5 minutes. Any boat more than 5 minutes late will be disqualified.
  25. This is a live release tournament. All live fish must be released.
  26. No contestant may have an integral part in the tournament, especially during weigh-in and judging.
  27. Entry money split: 20% off top goes to KPs Dock Service, LLC. $5 per team is subtracted to the remaining 80%. First place winner gets 60% of remaining, second place gets 30% of remaining, and third gets 10% of remaining.
  28. Sponsorship money from the monthly tournaments is split between the 6 tournaments and added to the first place prize money.
  29. Biggest bass of each tournament gets the $5 withheld per team.